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The Sámi Education Institute offers a variety of study programmes both in vocational qualifications, further and continuing vocational education.

SOGSAKK also offers the possibility to study Sámi language and culture, Media and higher degree studies. In addition we provide a versatile course curriculum.

SOGSAKK has four departments situated in Inari, Ivalo, Toivoniemi in Kaamanen and Heta in Enontekiö.

Vocational Qualification in Crafts and Design, 120 Credits, Artisan, Inari

-Study Programme in Gemstones and Precious Metals
-Study Programme in Sámi Handicrafts (Hard Materials)
-Study Programme in Sámi Handicrafts (Soft Materials)

Vocational Qualification in Nature and Environmental Services, Toivoniemi

-Environmental Study Programme 120 Credits
-Entrepreneur in Reindeer Husbandry Study Programme 120 Credits

Vocational Qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services, Ivalo
-Restaurant Study Programme, Cook 120 Credits

Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology, Ivalo
-Business Information Technology Study Programme, 120 Credits

Vocational Qualification in Tourism, Inari

-Study Programme in Tourism Services, 120 Credits

Vocational Qualification in Business, Ivalo
-Study Programme in Customer Service and Marketing, 120 Credits

Vocational Qualification in Social and Health care, Ivalo
-Study Programme in Nursing Care for the  Elderly, 120 Credits
-Study Programme in Nursing, 120 Credits

Higher Level Studies, 40 Credits, Inari
Higher level studies can be completed in for example the open university or open polytechnic, and from courses provided in the Sámi Education Institutes own curriculum. Common studies include Communication, Photography, Sámi Language and Culture as well as Northern Cultures.

Media Study Programme, 40 + 40 credits
The media programme is concentrated on film production--script writing, filming, editing and producing short films. In addition we provide studies in sound and radio, animation, production and web communication. With principles respecting multicultural, Sámi cultural, and international lines.

Study Programme in Sámi Language, Traitions and Culture, 40 Credits

Further Qualification as a Wilderness Guide, 42 Credits

Vocational High School
The high schools in the Sámi Region have come together to provide students with a four year study programme upon finishing the students will have a vocational degree and high school diploma.

Professional and Specialist Qualifications

Apprenticeship Training
A programme for young adults who are studying and working.

Adult Education
Voluntary courses for Adults providing further qualifications and short workshops.

Course Activities
The Sámi Education Institute provides  a variety of courses and workshops in Sámi language and cultures. As a part of further training and qualifications.