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The Sámi Education Institute

The Sámi Education Institute

The Sámi Education Institute is a secondary degree school which provides a variety of vocational training in both Finnish and Sámi,  as well as  promoting Sámi culture in the whole of the  Sámi region.

Our Institutions main site is located in the unique setting of the village of Inari. Other campuses are situated in Ivalo,  Toivoniemi in Kaamanen, and Heta in Enontekiö. Our education and research cooperation stretches throughout the Sámi region, as well as, other areas of the Circumpolar North and the world of indigenous peoples.


The purpose of The Sámi Education Institute is to primarily provide education which fit the needs of the Sámi region, uphold and develop Sámi culture and livelihoods, as well as, producing teaching materials in the Sámi language.

There are also possibilities to complete courses which support student's main studies, as well as, research or service activities closely connected to the studies, and the possibility for chargeable service activities. 

The school provides students with Vocational Degree Programmes, further and continuing education, and general education. 

The Sámi Education Institute was founded by adjusting the Act (L545/93 and A649/93). It is state owned and is situated in the municipality of Inari. The teaching languages are Finnish and Sámi, with the possibility of other languages.