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The Skolt Sámi Language and Culture education program is one intensive year of full-time study. The education consists mainly of Skolt Sámi language and culture consisting of mandatory and elective coursework. Studies include field trips and language training, through which the student becomes acquainted with the Skolt Sámi linguistic community and Sámi working life.




1 full year of Study


Jatkuva haku




Contact-based Teaching


Studying Skolt Sámi at the Sámi Education Institute is a substitute for the Skolt Sámi basic studies at the Giellagas Institute at the University of Oulu. Advanced level Skolt Language studies may be continued at the Giellagas Institute.

Oulu University Giellagas Institute

To Whom are these Studies Designed?

This study program is intended for anyone interested in Skolt Sámi language and culture. The training begins at the beginner skill level, thus previous Skolt Sámi studies are not required. The language of instruction is initially Finnish and, as the studies progress, Skolt Sámi. The education curriculum is designed to be suitable for those who need Skolt Sámi language and culture skills and for those planning a postgraduate course.


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The Sámi Education Institute prepares students for employment in the workforce. We provide training for young adults and mature students. We provide companies and communities with work-based training and development services.

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Ongoing and completed projects at the Sámi Education Institute.

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The Sámi Education Institute works closely with companies and other organizations in the region. We are actively developing our services to provide workplace solutions.

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