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The purpose of student health care is to support your health, well-being, and coping with studies.

If you are a foreign student intending to make a study visit to the Sámi Education Institute, be certain you have your own all-inclusive student/business/personal travel insurance, before arriving to Finland.

Student Health Care

Nursing services are reserved for students in their first three years of full-time study while earning their basic vocational education diploma.

Mature students whom are already employed or are taking apprenticeship training, or upper level additional specialized vocational qualifications,  must use the services of a health provider in their own municipality of residence.

Health Care:
Students in their first year of studies will be examined by an nurse practitioner and second year students will receive a medical examination by a doctor.

Nurses for Student Examination:
Annika Leppälä, Cellphone: +35840 844 5482
Ivalo Health Center:
Open daily from 8AM – 4PM cellphone: +35840 188 7111, on-call nurse 24 h, cellphone: +35840 770 9187

Inari Dentist is open Mondays and Wednesdays
Address:: Saarikoskentie 4 B  second floor, Inari
cellphone +35840 146 1081

Ivalo reservations Monday-Friday 8 – 11.15AM and 12 – 15PM

For emergency dental care call:
cellphone: +35840 830 8936.

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