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The Toivoniemi abattoir training facility in Kaamanen is the only reindeer slaughterhouse in Finland for educational purposes. It is built to European Union standards consisting of modern meat processing equipment and work spaces for producing inspected reindeer meat and value-added products.

Reindeer owners with appropriate training and certifications may rent the facilities to process and package their own reindeer products.

Immediately nearby the abattoir is the Reindeer Tannery where students and the general public learn vegetative tanning of reindeer hides. Using traditional Sámi techniques or with the use of the provided modern heavy machinery, the resultant home-tanned reindeer leather is soft and supple, ready to be sewn into durable and practical garments and accessories.

The tannery is also available for rent as long as the renter is fully trained or else a supervisor must be present.

Slaughterhouse Facilities Available to Rent

The slaughterhouse is intended for teaching purposes, but when there is no teaching on the premises, the establishment leases the premises to private reindeer herders.

In practice, this means that reindeer herders can bring their reindeer to the establishment, slaughter, cut, package, freeze the meat, and export it as a finished product to the market, paying only the rent for using the premises.

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