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The Sámi Education Institute cooperates with local partners with the aim of offering training opportunities to provide students with a relevant skill set leading to a successful and productive career once school is completed. The supply of skills takes into account changes in the labor market and their anticipation in study planning.
Short-term training is tailored to the needs of working life. SAKK has production facilities in Kaamanen at the Toivoniemi/Hopialampi campus that are leased for business needs. The mission of the facilities is to meet the needs of developing the traditional and modern livelihoods of the Sámi population and northern residents by providing education and promoting employment in communities.

Campus Facilities for Rent
kalankasittely.jpg Fish Processing Facility

In the immediate vicinity of the Toivoniemi Campus Dormitories, there is a fish processing facility at Hopialampi.

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nahkamuokkaamo.jpg Reindeer Leather Tannery

Poroteurastamon yhteydessä on myös nahkamuokkaamo, jossa porontaljoista voi valmistaa ympäristöystävällistä nahkaa. Tiloja vuokrataan ulkopuolisille käsityöläisille. Vuokraaminen edellyttää koulutuksen laitteiden käyttöön.

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teurastamo.jpg Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing Facility

The Sami Education Institute’s Toivoniemi Campus is Finland’s only training slaughterhouse. The facility is used for educational teachings and also rented to the general public for use in the reindeer husbandry.

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Internship Training Contract

A workplace-practice internship is an agreement between the Sámi Education Institute and the workplace as identified on the student's study plan. During the training contract, the student performs practical assignments to achieve the goals set out in the Personal Competence Plan (HOKS). The workplace will guide the student and appoint a workplace supervisor to ensure the student's learning.

Apprenticeship Contract

The apprenticeship agreement is based on a written fixed-term employment or service contract between the student and the employer. The acquisition of skills through an apprenticeship contract is mainly carried out in the workplace in the context of practical work assignments. Acquisition of workplace skills can be complemented in other learning environments, eg. by the Sámi Educational Institute. The average weekly working time of the student should be at least 25 hours.

Apprenticeship training is subject to the condition that the training provider and the employer agree in writing on the organization of the apprenticeship. An entrepreneur can also be offered apprenticeship training at his/her own company.

Learning Environments

Changes in the workforce challenge educational institutions to continuously develop teaching and learning environments within the institution. Learning is also supported through other learning environments - workplaces, museums, nature, events, study trips, etc. Customers, tools, equipment, and work spaces are also needed to learn the skills required for current employment.

Partnership Agreements

The  Sámi Education Institute can enter into partnership agreements with companies / workplaces / organizations / communities. Partnership is based on a common, agreed objective. Partnership is a thoughtful, confidential, concrete and reciprocal operation that benefits both parties. The partnership can combine knowledge and skills, contacts, work, events, facilities, and projects.

The partnership establishes common objectives and a partnership agreement to which the parties commit themselves.

Cooperation and Student Projects

Workplaces and communities collaborate with the Sámi Education Institute on a variety of student assignments and project-related work.

Examples of successful collaboration regarding organizing events, sales, and trade fairs include the annual autumn music festival  Ijahis Idja, Reindeer sleigh rides with tourists, annual spring Reindeer King's Race on Lake Inari, the annual indigenous peoples' film festival in January, Skabmagovat,  and Entrepreneur's Day.

Teacher Career Development


Workplace Instructor Training

Workplace instructor training is provided annually at the Sámi Education Institute as online studies. The training is suitable for anyone who is in the field of vocational guidance or is interested in developing on-the-job learning in the workplace. Workplace counselors are also introduced to guidance and assessment tasks during each period of workplace practice.

Janne Näkkäläjärvi

Janne Näkkäläjärvi

Director of Program Development

koulutustarjonta-banneri.jpg Applicants

The Sámi Education Institute prepares students for employment in the workforce. We provide training for young adults and mature students. We provide companies and communities with work-based training and development services.

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opiskelijalle.jpg Students

Welcome to the Sámi Education Institute! This section will provide students with information to help cope with everyday practices and to succeed in their academic studies.

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kansainvalisyys.jpg Projects

Ongoing and completed projects at the Sámi Education Institute.

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palvelut.jpg Services

The Sámi Education Institute works closely with companies and other organizations in the region. We are actively developing our services to provide workplace solutions.

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tietoa-meista-vaaka.jpg Further Information

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virtuaaalikoulu.jpg Virtual Education

Support for Virtual Education

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