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Specialized Upper Level Vocational Qualification: Reindeer Husbandry

The reindeer husbandry is undergoing constant change. The increasing use of other forms of land use, the EU, the meat market, and environmental protection pose challenges for the reindeer herding industry. In addition to reindeer herding skills, the reindeer herder is required to have the ability to cooperate, to have communication and information technology skills, and to be familiar with legislation. Keeping up with development requires keeping up-to-date with skills, following changes in the industry, and anticipating them.

A vocational qualification in reindeer husbandry provides added value and opportunities to increase knowledge and skills. Completing an upper level specialty qualification or parts of it is a visible demonstration of competence, and the education can be used for acceptance into a polytechnic or university program.

A professional reindeer husbandry qualification can be acquired flexibly while working. Practical reindeer husbandry management is a key part of the profession. Vocational qualification training in reindeer husbandry will be supplemented with practical training. The training provides an opportunity to gain new knowledge in the field and to develop cooperation and networking with other reindeer herders. Reindeer herders from all over the reindeer herding region will learn about each other's reindeer herding culture. This is what increases the professional pride of the reindeer.




2.5 years of Full-time Study


Jatkuva haku




Why would a reindeer professional who has already completed 3 years of full-time vocational studies in Reindeer Husbandry be interested in studying for an additional 2.5 years of upper level specialized vocational qualifications in Reindeer Husbandry? Participation in training supports skills development!

  • to provide knowledge and skills to manage standards and regulations issued by authorities
  • to meet the requirements of a young entrepreneur's start-up support - Supports reindeer herders facing new challenges
  • improve entrepreneurial skills - improve coping with competition - improve the profitability of reindeer herding
  • increase mutual knowledge between reindeer herders
  • increase skills to work in different networks
  • increase appreciation of the reindeer herding profession
  • knowledge and skills increase the professional pride of the reindeer herder

Vocational Qualification in Reindeer husbandry 150 credits

The vocational qualification consists of two compulsory and four optional components.

Obligatory Qualification Elements 90 credits

Planning and carrying out reindeer herding 60 credits
Reindeer husbandry business 30 credits
Optional Examination 60 credits

Reindeer plant slaughter 30 credits
Reindeer met cutting and processing 30 credits
Production in reindeer husbandry 30 credits
Serving as administrative partners 30 credits
Production of printed materials of traditional knowledge of reindeer husbandry 30 credits
Part (s) of the exam (s) from another vocational or specialty qualification 30 credits

Certification is required for passing the qualification, as well as the mandatory and two optional sections. A personal development plan for each student applicant is made in connection with the application.

The Toivoniemi Educational Slaughterhouse provides an excellent environment for learning how to slaughter and process reindeer meat. The Sámi Education Institute has a good facilities and competent staff. Welcome!

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